en·tre·pre·douche /ˌäntrəprəˈdo͞oSH/ -noun

1. business major with a great idea and just needs a programmer

2. rock star that recruits others to quit for a constantly pivoting startup while holding on his or her day consultant job

3. tech blog reader that drops names, valuations, web 3.0, social-mobile-cloud, needs to be fed ego on the hour by brogrammers, and pitches "it's like ___  but for _____" at any gathering

4. possibly you. yes you, in the hoodie and designer jeans with entrepreneur business cards. please get away from me. no, I do not want to join your shitty geo-social-photo-mobile-app startup

Symptoms are dark-grey patterns-- not unethical, but gives people starting companies a bad name.

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